Teaching patching and darning textiles to get the most our clothes and textiles.

Ealing Repair café encourages the mending of clothes and textiles. We want to help create a circular economy for clothes and a move away from fast disposable fashion. We run monthly gatherings around Ealing, giving suggestions and show examples of repairs done by our community.

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Ealing Repair Cafe offers advice on how to mend by sewing, embroidery, visible mending, patching, boro and sashiko stitching. At sessions we help by providing sewing equipment, threads and fabric for patches.

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Ealing Repair cafe

Ealing Repair Cafe has monthly Monday meet ups at various locations around Ealing. Contact us regarding pop up and partner events.

How to repair and patch

Guides on what to have in your sewing kit, how to repair, patch, darn and use embroidery to cover tears and holes. Plus upcycling projects to use your scraps.

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News on Ealing Repair Cafe and what we have been up to at our sessions and news relating to repairing, avoiding Fast Fashion, encouraging a circular economy and craftivism.

A lovely social way of encouraging me to attack the mending pile


Creative mending and thoughtful help with any stitching problem – stopped me throwing things away and also makes boring school uniform repairs more than tolerable if with a lovely chatty bunch!


Had a great time – thanks for all your help and inspiration!!


Ealing Repair cafe has encouraged me to do more mending and shown me more options to mend like visible mending and patching.