About us

Ealing repair café was set up by Mary and Lucy to encourage people to value clothing and repair or alter their clothes rather than discarding them.

We provide a friendly, supportive environment and cater from absolute beginners to competent sewers, as well as providing basic materials (reused, recycled and repurposed, of course!).

There are so many issues with the current fast fashion culture. Luckily there are seeds of hope everywhere with clothing companies using sustainable textiles and setting up recycling fabrics, but progress is slow. We want to encourage a circular economy, where clothes are repaired and recycled back into clothes.

The waste pyramid of Refuse, Reduce, Repair & Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Reclaim ♻️⁠ is brilliant to focus our efforts:

REFUSE: We dont need the plastic bag at the check out or the extra packaging on items.
REDUCE: Reduce your general consumption. Don’t impulse buy!⁠
RECLAIM: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
REPAIR, REUSE & REPURPOSE: Fix it or repurpose it rather than throwing it away.⁠ Come along to our cafe to learn more.
RECYCLE: Make sure when chosing products that you recycle the packaging. where you can.

Originally Ealing repair cafe was a meetups in Northfields community centre where regulars would come with their mending pile, chat while mending and fixing. We also had people drop in for advice on mending or patching their clothes. Sadly with the pandemic we were unable to do it but now with hopefully lockdown easing we are looking to set up face to face meetups again, at Open Ealing in Dickens Yard. If you are interested in setting up another meet up, please get in touch.

Volunteers run the Ealing Repair café so we are limited in what we can do, but want to keep the momentum going. So if you interested in getting involved or setting up your own session, we would love you on board.

Ealing Repair Cafe people

Mary Horesh: Crafter, repairer, recycler, environmentalist and mum.

I am a passionate environmental campaigner and am part of Ealing Transition helping them set up Climate Action projects and support Act for Ealing creating a central hub for anyone interested in environmental action in Ealing.

I like to help and encourage people to make positive steps to help the planet and the environment. I enjoy sewing and patch and darn to get the most out of my clothes. I also buy second hand and learning how to alter clothes for my family and I. I crochet using sustainable and/or recycled yarn, like t-shirt yarn and British wool. I also dabble in craftivism, the art of gentle protest, which involves embroidering inspiring messages and have put them up around my area.

Over the years I have done a variety of environmental campaigning. I helped to reduce single use waste and set up a recycle reward stall at our school fundraising events. One thing I love about Ealing is our parks, the green spaces and trees. I want to do all that I can to encourage people to love and respect nature and the environment. I work part time in marketing and have two children. So life is never quiet!

Lucy Floyer: I’ve been crafting and sewing since I was small, with a particular interest in making crochet and patchwork quilts, clothes for my daughter’s dolls, and making things over with repurposed materials. I believe in the importance of living more sustainable lifestyles and have worked to reduced waste at school events and run the Ealing Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Facebook group which aims to reduce consumption by sharing and passing on resources in the local community. 

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