Upcycling t-shirts into yarn

Many people are upcycling old t-shirts. You can make dusters for the house or facecloths.

Here we have made it into yarn to craft with. For Jubillee I made some headbands and bracelets for the kids in red, white and blue.

Selection of old tshirts

Cut the t-shirts into strips. You can either do this with scissors or rotary cutter.

Cutting the t-shirt into strips

If you stretch the yarn slightly it rolls up into yarn.

For the Jubillee I plaited the three colours together and knotted them into bracelets or headbands.

Plaited strips of t-shirt yarn

4 thoughts on “Upcycling t-shirts into yarn

    1. Thanks. As shown in the photo to get straight lines is to use a fabric rotary cutter. To be honest, the yarn rolls up into a tube and so it does not matter if the cutting is not perfectly straight, I have used scissors as well to cut the strips and cant tell the different. The strips can be one centimeter so again room for errror.


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