Who are we?

Ealing repair café was set up to teach people to repair by using patching or darning techniques rather than discarding their clothes. Mary started the group in Northfields, Ealing with mum friends and has built from there.

Mary, Lone and Yvonne (Left to Right)

Volunteers run the Ealing Repair café and sadly we have no funding, so we are limited in what we can do and how many sessions we run. However, we also want to get more people mending and valuing their clothes. If you interested in getting involved or setting up your own session, we would love you on board, please contact us.

Mary Horesh: Crafter, repairer, recycler, environmentalist and mum.

I like to help and encourage people to make positive steps to help the planet and the environment. I enjoy sewing and patch and darn to get the most out of my clothes. I also buy second hand and learning how to alter clothes for my family and I. I crochet using sustainable and/or recycled yarn, like t-shirt yarn and British wool. I also dabble in craftivism, the art of gentle protest, which involves embroidering inspiring messages and have put them up around my area.

I am a passionate environmental campaigner and am part of Ealing Transition helping them set up Climate Action projects and support Act for Ealing creating a central hub for anyone interested in environmental action in Ealing.

Over the years I have done a variety of environmental campaigning. I helped to reduce single use waste and set up a recycle reward stall at our school fundraising events. One thing I love about Ealing is our parks, the green spaces and trees. I want to do all that I can to encourage people to love and respect nature and the environment. I work part time in marketing and have two children. So life is never quiet!

Yvonne Burr: I’ve been re-purposing clothes since I was a teenager – altering and reconfiguring the treasures I found in second-hand shops and jumble sales. I lost my sew-jo for a while, but after being given a second-hand, 1980s, sewing machine a few years ago, am back to creating and crafting with gusto. I love patchwork and quilting, especially using ‘unusable’ scraps no-one else wants to create new fabric and then using that in my creations. Since joining the repair café I’ve rekindled another teenage hobby – hand embroidery: butterflies, moths, bees, balloons, flowers, rockets and loads more can be an excellent way to make what would be a visible darn into a feature motif. Away from clothes and patchwork, I’m a keen on furniture restoration and reupholstery. My favourite ‘save’ so far are two beaten up and broken mid-century bentwood armchairs, destined for the tip which I saved, stripped back, rebuilt and recovered, and are now in our living room.

Yvonne also volunteers for:

Lone Konradsen: I love making and crafting. I like to help and encourage people to mend and alter their clothes. My latest creation was crocheting the base for the Ealing Repair post box topper, currently sitting on the post box opposite Elers Road on Northfields Avenue along from one of our venues Happy Coffee.

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