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Trainers & Shoe Darns

For Great Big Green Week, Ealing Repair Cafe was invited to the St Stephens Big Green Fair. It was lovely to meet lots of keen people want to do their bit for the environment. I took along with me, examples of my mends, our darning and patching leaflets and lots of equipment to help peopleContinue reading “Trainers & Shoe Darns”

Laundry washing products: Green Washing or Greenwashing?

I have been thinking I should change from my supermarket non bio which although comes in a cardboard box may not have the best ingredients. I discovered this brilliant analysis on laundry powders as weighs up ingredients from various brands out there. When referring to Ethical Consumer magazine, we noticed that some of the ‘NewContinue reading “Laundry washing products: Green Washing or Greenwashing?”

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