Sugru: a new type of mend

We love Sugru at Ealing Repair Cafe for fixing things. It is mouldable like plasticine and dries like rubber. The Sugru website is full of project inspiration, fixes and hacks of what to apply Sugru to. Have you got any favorites for using Sugru it for mending?

Ealing Repair Cafe fixes

Here’s a selection of our mends at Ealing Repair cafe we have done in 2022. As you can see we have applied to to all types of mends, from the practical to the more obscure!

I also fixed my Maclaren Buggy handle where rubber had fallen off and I have used Sugru to create toe guards on my daughter’s shoes where they were getting scuffed, but sadly I cant find the photo so here’s a similar Sugru mend.

What is Sugru?

Sugru is great material, flexible and with lots of possible applications. It has lots of great properties as explained on their website What is Sugru?

  • Stick it: Sugru sticks permanently to lots of materials like glass, ceramic, wood, metal and plastics.
  • Mould it: You have 30 minutes to fix, bond and create.
  • Sets strong: In 12–24 hours, it turns into a strong and durable silicone rubber that stays stuck. Once fully set, a single-use pack can hold up to 600x its own weight.
  • Hot and cold temperatures: Stable at temperatures up to 180°C (356°F) and down to -40°C (-40°F).
  • Waterproof: Made of silicone rubber, Sugru can be used for sealing applications indoors and out. Ensure surfaces are dry before use. Robust UV and rain/humidity resistance means it can withstand outdoor environments, with minimal fading after years in strong sunlight.
  • Flexible: combined with strong adhesion, ensures that your fixes don’t become brittle or crack. With excellent dampening properties provide vibration resistance and shock protection.
  • Electrical insulation: Like other silicones, it has good thermal and electrical insulation properties.

Sugru comes in small packets as once open needs to be used up quickly. It does come with a best before date but it shelf life is extended by placing it in the fridge.

For more information and where to buy it go to Sugru website.

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