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There’s lots of ways to mend and patch. We commonly use darning, visible mending, embroidery and bring along books that have examples and further ideas. Since running our workshops we have seen common issues that come up.

If you taking up sewing for the first time, we have put together this guide on the sewing kit which will get you started.

Visible Mending, Sashiko and Boro stitching
There is a big craft movement for Visible mending, usually using Japanese Sashiko and boro stitching to patch to celebrate used clothes and by adding patches celebrating its age and history.

Patching: Here is the Ealing repair guide on how to get started patching your clothes

Darning: Lots of people used to darn holes in their socks, but it seems that that socks have become so low in price they have been devalued so much they are no longer darning! However, Ealing Repair cafe is bringing this tradition back and happy to show how to do this technique.

Embroidery: Can be used over patches and stains to decorate and mend the item.

Knee patching: One of the most popular mends that appears at our sessions are trousers needing attention at the knees.

Our Facebook page has more examples of mends.

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