Trainers & Shoe Darns

For Great Big Green Week, Ealing Repair Cafe was invited to the St Stephens Big Green Fair. It was lovely to meet lots of keen people want to do their bit for the environment.

I took along with me, examples of my mends, our darning and patching leaflets and lots of equipment to help people fix things. The most popular thing was my darned trainers, which I had brought along last minute.

The material on my trainers seem to be the first to go, and with strong thread these holes can easily be mended.

These trainers developed this hole over a year ago. I only use them for walking around, so have been darning the hole for over a year now. If you use your trainers for running, it may affect the support the trainer provides, so please consider this when mending.

I darned the hole. The easiest way is having one hand on the inside and passing the needle through the shoe and back again until its darned. This lasted last another 5 months and today I did a circular mend by going around and around with blanket stitch, then reinforced by a few darning stitches across it.

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