Mends for Jeans

Jeans are the more hard-wearing clothes in our wardrobe and designed to last. However as we do wear them a lot, jeans still need patching usually around the crotch or knees. Here’s a few examples of how we make some almost invisible and visible mends. Rear end mend! These jeans ripped on the rear alongContinue reading “Mends for Jeans”

Sewing machine servicing and lessons

We get a lot of enquiries about either sewing machine lessons or sewing machines that aren’t behaving well. So have put together our recommendations. Sewing Machine Care The Restart party has this brilliant Skillshare on maintaining your sewing machine, including some great hints and tips. Well worth a watch.  The Restart Project is a greatContinue reading “Sewing machine servicing and lessons”

London Repair Week for Ealing Repair cafe

It’s London Repair Week and Ealing Repair cafe has been chosen as #Localrepairheros and have a few events we are helping people to learn how to mend and patch their clothes. We have put together some basic sewing kits and written up a sewing kit guide. We will be at: Friday, 18 March, 11 am – 3 pm Acton Market,Continue reading “London Repair Week for Ealing Repair cafe”

Mending pile: All about knees

My son is constantly wearing holes in his trousers. These are school PE trousers so kept the visible mend understated so he can still wear them for school. I used the visible mending technique called Boro stitch. Firstly find a patch suitable for the area. For this one, I used an old t-shirt as itContinue reading “Mending pile: All about knees”