Water dissolvable patching with Sulky

Want to do something a bit different with your mending? Try covering holes to with embroidery in the shape of moths or butterflies.

We have found Sulky is great for this. Sulky is a water soluble stabiliser which can be drawn on and stuck to fabric. When the stitches are completed, the Sulky can easily be washed away. For more information on Sulky and its applications 10 Water-Soluble Stabilizer Questions Answered

Yvonne made these beautiful moths and butterflies to cover some rips. We were inspired by the work of Anna on Instagram under Minkypink. Of course any design can be drawn on the sulky.

Using sulky to cover over rips or marks:

  1. Test that your embroidery thread is colourfast – dip a piece in water and then put it on a bit of white kitchen roll.
  2. Trace the moth pattern was onto the water soluble Sulky stabiliser.
  3. Peel the backing off the sulky and stick it over the rip. (If the rip is big you could stick a bit of polycotton on the inside using a glue stick)
  4. Stitch the design using the lines on the sulky as a guide.
  5. Slosh the item in warm water for a minute (or dab away the remaining sulky with water), to remove the Sulky and leave the beautiful embroidery in place.

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