Ealing Repair Cafe Sewing Machine and bag

We kindly had a sewing machine donated to Ealing Repair cafe. Its great to be able to offer the sewing machine again. Although the majority of repairs are easier done by hand, some mends are quicker and easier using the machine.

At Ealing repair cafe, we can only help with repairs, for sewing lessons or repairing your machine we have put together Sewing machine servicing and lessons to help you. If you have other lessons or recommendations, please Contact us.

Handmade sewing bag

We decided to make a bag for the sewing machine as the machine needs
to be protected in transit. However, putting it in and out of the box it came with was such a faff.

We wanted to make the bag out of as many scraps / upcycled materials as possible.

Starting with some felt scraps, we zigzagged them together to make usable panels.

These were quilted onto the outer shell pieces – a large scrap of upholstery fabric that we got locally from Sofin Interiors who sell their offcuts from their projects at reasonable prices.

We needed the base to be a bit more robust. 4 or 5 layers of wadding scraps and more pieces of the felt scraps were sandwiched between some blackout fabric scraps left over from relining some curtains. To make the base rigid, we used the box the machine came in, and covered it in a scrap of red lining fabric.

The inside was lined with a large scrap of blue lining fabric.

The zip and handles were added to the sides and all the pieces were assembled on the sewing machine. With an additional redlined pocket on the outside to store the spare bobbins.

Thanks to Yvonne’s brilliant sewing skills, our bag is complete and ready to carry our sewing machine to our next sessions.

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