Christmas Jumpers

Love or hate them Christmas Jumpers are promoted at this time of year. Fundraisers, Christmas work parties and with a limited time to wear them it’s always good to repurpose or buy second hand. However, with two out of five Christmas jumpers only being worn once over the festive period says Hubbub, it’s a prime example of fast fashion as it takes a lot of resources to create the clothes but they aren’t used.

For school jumper day I have been adding to my daughter’s jumpers rather than buying one.

One year, I added a Santa hat to my daughters jumper, shown above. It’s a great option for something you already have in your wardrobe.

Unicorn With Christmas Hat

The next year I made a mini planet Earth that had last year’s Santas hat sewn on.

Planet Earth with a little Santa hat

Other ideas could be a felt christmas pudding, snowman or another character with a Santa hat. There’s lots of lovely makers in Etsy which do felt shapes easily sewn on to a current sweater or jumper.

Further Christmas top ideas

Other suggestions are to sew a felt tree and add tree decorations. Or add pom poms, bows ribbons or Christmas coasters, some obviously will work better than others…

If you don’t feel confident sewing, some no sew ideas another follower suggested to use tape like gaffa tape and insulating tape with coloured sharpies. Through using tape creations of santa hats, snowmen & antlers, ladybirds, burgler bill stripes, coloured pudsy spots (white gaffa & coloured sharpies!) & possibilities are endless!

Hubbub has further Christmas Jumper ideas

Second hand jumpers

There is always second hand if you aren’t feeling particularly creative. Check out our local charity shops around Ealing who usually sell a selection of second hand Christmas themed jumpers and tops.

Many online sellers and charities are selling secondhand Christmas Jumpers and clothes, like:


Plus eBay and Depop are other great places to pick up second hand.

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