Sustainable wins: Fabric Wrapping

What do you do at birthdays, Christmas and celebrations things to make it sustainable? We used to end up with a huge pile of wrapping paper every birthday and Christmas but now we have very little as we have swapped to reusable wraps and bags.

Every family birthday these wraps come out. Its reduced dramatically the amount of packaging waste left over after a birthday.

I love fabric wrapping. Get square scarfs, fabric napkins, make fabric bags or squares out of left over fabric. The last few years, I get out our reusable furoshiki square fabric wraps and reusable fabric bags out for family birthdays and Christmas. I have picked up quite a few square scarfs and napkins at markets, vintage and charity shops. Some shown above are made from scraps of materials I have left over from other projects, cut into squares and added zig zag stitch around the edges to stop fraying.

Getting our box of fabric wraps out is like getting out old friends with memories of other celebrations. The kids love choosing which wrap to use for presents. Below is wrap techniques you can use; my favourites are the first two top left.

Furoshiki Wraps from Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan

To read more here: How to: Furoshiki (Japanese Fabric Wrapping), 1 Million Women.

What do others do to make celebrations more sustainable?

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