Postbox topper arrives on Northfields Avenue

Ealing repair cafe made this postbox topper along Northfields Avenue, opposite Elers Road to promote us and also give people inspiration for mending their clothes. We thank everyone who has noticed it and promoted us. Makes all the effort put into it worthwhile.

The hearts around the edge are all designed to inspire your patching and mending. Make the mend into a decorative feature : stich over the hole, with a bit of fabric at the back, and add extra detail to make it whatever you want: a strawberry, a balloon, a daisy, a rocket or whatever you like! Let your imagination run wild.

Sadly we removed the topper in March 2023 as there was a lot of sun fading. Also someone seemed determined to remove gradually everything decorating it. Hopefully when we have spare time, we will put our heads together and create another.

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