London Repair Week for Ealing Repair cafe

Ealing Repair cafe

It’s London Repair Week and Ealing Repair cafe has been chosen as #Localrepairheros and have a few events we are helping people to learn how to mend and patch their clothes. We have put together some basic sewing kits and written up a sewing kit guide.

We will be at:

  • Friday, 18 March, 11 am – 3 pm Acton Market, The Mount, King Street, London W3 9NW Drop-in. Giving out 20 hand sewing kits to the first 20 people that come and say hi.
  • Saturday 19 March, 11 am – 4 pm Kensington and Chelsea Clothes Swap and Repair Ealing Repair Cafe volunteers will be at hand to teach people to mend and fix their clothes.
  • Monday 21 March 2022, 7.15 pm – 9 pm Open Ealing Dickens Yard

For all our upcoming events, go to What’s on for latest listings.

Stitch it, don’t ditch it

This sampler will be on display of boro stitching (running stitch) used for patching to show how easy it is to start. It’s as simple as drawing a grid and using running stitch along the grid, from that you can do another set to make crosses and then stars all from simple running stitch.

Sampler to show how simple building up patterns is on patches. Our patch guide has how to get started.

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